lento objekt develops products for office and work environments. The portfolio ranges from seating solutions for single and multi-user rooms to seats for conference rooms, communication and reception areas, up to the entire conception of complex working environments. Decades of competence and experience in the development and production of high-quality ergonomic seat solutions as well as sound expertise in modern office equipment are some of our key strengths. Our products are designed and implemented to suit your ergonomic and individual requirements.

They are supposed to do more than just fulfilling material and physical requirements. They are designed to match up to the respective application and serve as a reflection of their users – because the requirements of seating furniture are just as individual as the “owner”. It isn’t just a chair. It is different for every application, for every customer. Even the scientific gain in knowledge also continues unceasingly. No wonder we are constantly dealing with sitting. We always place special attention to active and healthy sitting.


ergonomic MAVERICKS

We are probably not the first furniture manufacture to spark your interest. But we want to be the last. Not by selling a product off the shelf to you or your client. Not by selecting an existing solution from our stock, which may not be complete, but best suited to your requirements. But by designing and manufacturing a product that is truly perfect for you, your task, and your seating requirements.

We are based in Lauf an der Pegnitz, directly and quickly accessible off the A9 near Nuremberg. We see ourselves as developers of ideas and innovation drivers. For us, thinking outside the box means coming up with faster ideas that go further than the rest – with the right people and far beyond the limits of conventional industry solutions. And this way, implementing our ideas and imaginations of healthy and aesthetic sitting.



Many seat systems try to ensure ergonomic sitting just through the function of the seating surface, but it is the design of the backrest that is of particular importance when designing ergonomic office chairs for a healthy posture. That is why we have developed and implemented our own seat system: sensosit® – in accordance with the latest biomechanical and neurophysiological insights.

One of the key features of the dynamic technology of our sensorimotor seat system is the consciously segmented backrest. The anatomically shaped and stabilizing lumbar vertebral region then progresses smoothly into a rotating shoulder and neck region. The seat is also mobile.

This allows sensosit® to trigger motion pulses. The seat system is aimed at activating the small, hidden muscles lying deep below the body’s surface. Many small, often unconsciously but permanently executed movements when one is sitting ensure activity – all day long. This helps activate the underlying trunk muscles and maintain their stabilizing power.



Who says that good office equipment must be sophisticated? Our seat-stand workstation is a perfect example of how healthy, functional, and aesthetic office design can be. It is a result of consistent development of an office chair with a healthy posture and creates a great opportunity for movements, well-being, and hence the prerequisite for continues efficiency. The key topics in occupational health promotion. Because employees who feel comfortable are more satisfied and motivated.

It also makes it easier to attract and retain skilled workers if the design and ergonomic quality at the workplace is right. Nonetheless, available space needs to be used efficiently considering the ever-increasing office rent and ancillary costs. We show you how to obtain the optimal office design in this tense field. Developed for the variety of work forms and workflows in open-plan offices, with a modular structure and therefore versatile: ergonomic setup, simple as never before!



Maximum freedom of design for short-term workplaces or conference, recreation, and waiting rooms: in the classic modular system, sitting smart is a high-quality, timelessly designed chair collection that is characterized by creativity, versatility, and exclusive quality. Whether you want a cantilever chair, skid, or swivel chair – with these chairs, you will always be in the front row. sitting smart combines versatile undercuts, seat shells made of high-quality, solid beech wood with diverse modern fabrics and natural leather. The result – modern seating solutions with style and uniqueness.

The versatile design possibilities of the chair collections with thousands of possible combinations and customization options provide the ideal prerequisites for a custom design – ideal for your corporate design and for holistically structured functional office and property worlds.



Most people listen to respond. We listen to understand. You and your expectations from us. So that we can jointly achieve the best. Because what really matters is that we understand your request and help you solve it. This is exactly what we do. Successfully. For many years now. Being “seat architects”, we bring together all the relevant partners.

With our in-house know-how, the profound expertise in the market and the industry, and the many years of experience in development and manufacture of custom seat solutions, we perfectly coordinate all the necessary services in design, development, production, and certification of high-quality seat solutions through integrated planning.

Instead of dealing with many different experts, you can clarify any issues with just one project manager who keeps all threads together and guarantees you lean decision-making paths. Our location in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg gives us the ideal starting conditions since many of our business contacts are in the immediate vicinity.



The fact that we are not only about implementing the ideas of our clients solidly and consciously is demonstrated by our own collections. With passion and expertise, we have created real eyecatchers: the lounge chairs of the lillus Sportstyle Collection are comfortable and outstanding both to the eye and experience, combining quality, independent design, and love for sport. Authentic, high-quality processing, and developed with craftsmanship tradition in Germany: Whether a soccer, golf, or tennis ball, there is a different variant for many sports, true to the original and worked out in detail.

In addition to the high quality and detailing of the armchairs, it is the emotionality of the lillus Sportstyle Collection that particularly wins your over. With these products that are unique in the world, we commend ourselves as an outfitter in the field of sports marketing and sponsoring. Hardly any other form of advertising can be used so well to generate enthusiasm and emotion – and to transfer it to the supporting company and its products and services. Because sport plays a central role in our society and is characterized by positive associations. The media range is correspondingly broad.


innovative NICHE FILLERS

All products in the lillus Sportstyle Collection can be customized as one wishes, e.g., for a corporate or club color or for a personalized version with a logo. We thus process individual covers and their colors, embroider or print the chairs with your preferred logo, deliver the plastic shells and turn-tables in a special color, or create alternative seat heights, e.g., for use at the dining table. In short: The design of the individual products leaves nothing to be desired.

It is therefore not surprising that the unique objects have long achieved a cult status – worldwide. For years, we have noticed that the international interest in our special loungers is growing. They have created a successful niche in addition to our core business. The clientele is correspondingly diverse. With our products, we equip sport-related events and locations, supply national and international companies, as well as interested end customers.

The lounge chairs are no longer alone: The popular models were supplemented recently! The distinctive seating furniture is now also available in a compact form and on a sturdy four-legged base – as a medium-height bar stool, high bar seat, or comfortable dinner chairs.



sitting cool brings a good mood into the children’s room and joy in the active rotation. Learning should be fun – so why not add the desk furniture? Our collection for children and youth includes a swivel chair with a matching desk that combine everything that is required for excellent children’s furniture: Design with savvy, much healthier sitting comfort, and all sorts of creative fun.

The high-quality children’s and youth furniture grow as the children grow and can be designed according to your personal color selection. A playful online configuration enables the children and parents to be creative together and structure their individual favorite piece from high-quality modules and environmentally friendly materials. An embroidered name is also possible if desired.